Sunday, March 13, 2011

Final Poster

Original temple picture
Glass Temple, 2/13/2011 – 3:23:01 PM, Rexburg, f/3.1, 1/30 - Canon PowerShot SX210 IS

All edits are explained in this photographic process paragraph. For this image, Glass Temple, I first got the idea doing scanography. I used one of the glass cubes with the 3D image inside. I chose this picture because I found it such a unique take on something we in this area all know so well. I love how you can see so much detail on the temple, and detail even on the away facing side. I blacked out the sides of the cube, set it on a flashlight, and took a macro shot of the temple inside the cube. After taking the image you could see some reflections and imperfections on the glass, and so I used the patch tool and the clone tool to clean up the background. I then sharpened the image to try and give the dots a more defined appearance on a larger print. After cleaning up the image to where I was satisfied, I used the shape tool to create a white rectangle around the image on its own layer. I then masked the center of the rectangle to create a border with it and I then applied a Gaussian blur to the shape layer to create a white vignette around the temple image. Then I lowered the opacity of the border so the attention/focal point of the image would be the temple itself and the border would lead into it. At first I had a double border, made much the same way, but for simplicity sake when putting it on a canvas I made just a single border. I tried switching back and forth from the colored image, to a black and white, but it had more of a glow with color so I left it in full color rather than black and white. I did try to bring out the white color of the temple with the sats/levels some as well.

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